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Companies spend 26% of their IT budget on QA and Testing. Buglance reduces your costs by 10x by giving you an access to 50,000+ testers and 10,000+ test devices

  • 250K+Reported Bugs
  • 50K+Testers
  • 10K+Test Devices

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Test your apps with real people

With Buglance community, you’ll be able to test your apps with real people, real devices and real conditions in more than 150 countries across the world.

Some of the apps we tested

  • Agility

    10K+ Installs

  • Darkness Rises

    20M+ Installs

  • Destiny Knights

    2M+ Installs

  • Fortnite

    200M+ Installs

  • Paramanya

    10M+ Installs

  • Lineage 2: Revolutions

    10M+ Installs

  • Dubai Taxi

    500K+ Installs

  • Joi Gifts

    10K+ Installs

  • Nisnass

    200K+ Installs

  • Ounass

    200K+ Installs

  • The Warland

    1M+ Installs


360-degree bug reports

Our community carefully tests mobile and web apps and provide you with an extensive, all covering bug reports.

As a part of those reports, our platform provides you with steps to reproduce the bugs, device information (model, screen size, ram and cpu capacity and more), connectivity details (upload and download speed), as well as screenshots and screen videos of the bugs.

AI based and crowdsourced bug validation and verification

Buglance operates on an exclusive AI & Machine Learning methodologies we developed in-house. With its help, Buglance achieves perfection in validating the bugs and verifying them.

Our community of professional testers work hand-in-hand with our AI tools to ensure the quality of the reports, and give you bug reports that we can replicate on thousands of devices.

Integration with your favorite tools

Each company has its internal tools. Some track issues through JIRA, while other prefer Trello, Asana and other task management tools.

No matter which is your favorite tool, Buglance provides seamless integrations with hundreds of tools across the spectrum to make your bug-tracking and bug-fixing process as comfortable as possible.

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