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Test Plan Cheatsheet

Test Plan Cheatsheet
In this post we list all the sections that should, or rather could be covered in a test plan. We don’t go into much detail on how to write each section and treat this list more like a cheat sheet of sorts. The list gives an outline of a test plan document structure, as well as short descriptions for each.
Ula Rustamova
Ula RustamovaSoftware Engineer

A test plan is a document that contains a test strategy for a project, lays out its objectives and goals, the schedule, and estimated and required resources. In our past article on the test plan we talked in more detail about what is, and how to go about writing it. If you need the information to kick the process off, as well as some examples, it is a good place to start.

Note, that the lists should serve as a guideline, and your test plan doesn’t have to follow the list to the tee. Obviously, you can adjust the order, shift some of the sections, remove or add some other sections, as you see fit.