Buglance | How Buglance revolutionizes the software testing industry?

How Buglance revolutionizes the software testing industry?

How Buglance revolutionizes the software testing industry?
Buglance is a crowdsourced testing platform utilizing the power of crowds in the software testing industry. Since the start of operating, Buglance tester community has reached over 40,000 testers from more than 150 countries.
Ula Rustamova
Ula RustamovaSoftware Engineer

Idea of Buglance

The idea of Buglance came to life after a bug found on Fatal Fight - a mobile gaming app with over 5 mln downloads on Google Play and “Best New Game” title on the App Store. The development team was working on a tricky problem. The bug was appearing on hard-to-find devices causing severe issues. After taking a long time investigating, eventually, the bug was found and fixed.

But that tiny yet frustrating bug inspired the founder of the Fatal Fight, Toghrul Samad to start a new software company. Developers and engineers in all the industries are struggling with testing issues due to the variability of devices, servers, networks, and other countless reasons. Those defects result in increased rates of uninstalling, low customer satisfaction, and bad user retention at the end.

By the end of 2016, the idea of Buglance grew to be a crowdtesting platform, providing a service for anyone who cares about their product quality. Here software owners can kickstart bug hunting by choosing the testing environment they want their products to be tested in

500 Startups and TechStars are two of the significant investors who believed in Buglance’s idea from the start and continued to support in the later years as well. Buglance is among the rare startups that were funded by both of these accelerators at the seed stage.

Best case practices

Four years from the starting point, the Buglance crowdtesting platform shows impressive performance with a community of over 50,000 testers and 10,000 testing devices around the world.

Crowdsourcing methodology enables Buglance to offer 24\7 testing service. Till now, 150,000+ bugs were found on various applications. Some of our notable testing practices are online gift shop joi Gifts, one of the world largest logistics companies Agility, testing and development of holding AI Tayer Group comprising 15 test cycles in 2 months, Roads and Transportation Authority of Dubai with over 20 testing areas including location, navigation, security, etc.

What differentiates Buglance from competitors

Our competitors apply outdated and complex approaches such as manual reporting, to crowdtesting. Compared to other crowdtesting platforms, Buglance successfully incorporates practical crowdsourced methodology into the automated software testing platform.

As testers are dispersed in different regions of the world, you can start to get bug reports within the first 24 hours after submitting the project.

You may doubt the accuracy of a vast number of bugs. But, bug validation, one of the distinguishing features Buglance serves, is used to check the quality and back up of the test results. We implement Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to ensure the quality of the service we provide on bug moderation and validation phases.

What we believe

We believe that software testing should not be handled in complex and time-consuming ways. With management and integration tools, our automated crowdsourced testing platform allows scaled software testing solutions with budget-friendly terms.

Our goal is to disrupt the market with the best possible testing services and become the industry leader.

Although the tester community is important, it is not all it takes to be an industry leader. We built the roadmap of ambitious goals to automate the overall testing process through various integration channels. Buglance disrupts the market with Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery technology in crowdtesting. What it does is to help app owners to plug a crowd of testers into their in-house QA and testing process, and get seamless software testing under the internal structure.

The widely used support tools such as Jira, GitLab, and many others have been already integrated into the platform with more tools coming up.

Road to future

Currently, Buglance offers crowdtesting mobile applications and websites. We are building our way towards other industries and expanding the testing types we serve such as IoT testing, mobility testing, robotics testing, and so on. For now, let’s see how this young startup is achieving its ambitions.

You can book a demo call with us to learn more about Buglance.

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