Wearables Testing

A wearable device is the most personal thing these days. It is literally attached to you and should function like a new part of the body. All this makes wearable testing a new important direction for organizations that require excellent user experience.

What is Wearables Testing?

An indisputable plus of devices – a lot of functions in a tiny space, create new problems for testing. Whether it’s new hardware or application when you’ll face the same problems: usability, battery life, and connectivity. “Wear and tear” takes on new meaning in the modern world, which laboratory tests can’t provide.

Wearables Testing with Buglance

Professionals all over the world are conducting real testing — wearing and using your devices in everyday life with Buglance. We coordinate with you to test the right combination of hardware and software and select testers with the appropriate profile and devices. To make you confident in your product, we conduct both functional and usability testing.