In any language and country, our community is dedicated to helping you provide an excellent user experience.

Your users everywhere

Your users expect localization considering their preferences and tastes. Now, 4 of the top 5 countries on Google Play are not English speakers. Recently, China has surpassed the United States in annual revenue and app downloads for iOS!

Nothing illogical, that companies take localization seriously. After all, their users will regularly transmit products, interface elements, or graphics that are incompatible with their culture, language, or preferred devices.

It’s not a secret, that localized applications and websites are superior to rivals, but is your product really fully localized? According to statistics, half of all quality assurance teams don’t have the necessary resource for testing localization.

We cover the world for you

Buglance gives enterprises access to work with the global expert community of testers. From language barriers to interface design problems, our testers check everything from and to, preventing localization from aggravating the situation.

We are a team of testers around the world with an acceptance rate of less than 3%. After working with us, you can launch your product anywhere in the world without doubting its quality. To do this, we use thousands of devices, cover more than 100 countries and more than 140 languages, including 10 of the world’s leading app markets.

Quality in every country

Optimization of user experiences for any region on our planet. Be sure of the quality of your localization.

Coordinated Results

We work 247 around the world so that you meet deadlines in time.

Localization Partners

Even after completing the work, we keep in touch with you to maintain quality in different versions. Exactly for this, we have an end-to-end QA management platform.

We provide equally high-quality localization regardless of the region. Our testers have a full range of skills for localization: language and culture changes, swiping and hardware functionality, and the interplay between translation and UI. Based on your needs, our QA managers create test plans, manage testers and provide results in visual graphical reports. Our testing management platform gives you access to the entire localization testing process, making the whole process clear and simple. Our company guarantees professional testing, attention to the client and tangible results.