IoT Testing

These days, connected devices and applications often conflict in interaction, which is a headache for consumers. Make sure your IoT testing takes place in a truly realistic environment.

What is IoT Testing?

As the number of connected devices increases, the chance of problems arises. It is simply impossible to conduct the most complete verification of devices, phones, and applications in the laboratory. IoT testing can result in wasted time and effort needed to improve your product. A product that cannot cope with real problems shouldn’t be presented on the market.

IoT Testing with Buglance

By connecting devices to their televisions, cameras and home wiring, using them in congested home networks, our professionals around the world conduct IoT testing in real conditions. Our testers always have the right equipment and the environment. Сo-ordination with you is an integral part of testing the right combination of hardware and software. Moreover, our qualified IoT testers can perform complex software updates and provide you with quality usability feedback based on their experience. The result is your confidence in your product.